Hair Treatments

Frazzled Summer Hair

As sad as I am to be writing this,  summer is coming to an end.  What does this mean for our hair? Perhaps chlorine build up from long days spent in the pool, or hair that was just too darn hot and worn up in a ponytail,  or messy bun from too many dreadfully sticky summer days.  We’ll discuss some tricks and tips on getting your hair back to it’s best shape.

Summer weather can mean we are changing the way we’re styling our hair and often times we’re using different products to help manage the humidity.  Often times our summer activities cause damage to our hair without even realizing the lasting effects. Perhaps you’ve been overlooking your shampoo and conditioner because it’s always worked in the past.  Now might be a good time to try something different. Summer time usually means washing our hair more frequently.  This can lead to your hair being more dried out than usual. Talk with you stylist about what could work for your hair type and texture.   Stylist Jennfier’s clients have been loving the Matrix So Long Damage Duo to add the extra boost of moisture.

Let’s not forget the in-salons treatments that can work wonders as well.   Many of Split Ends conditioning treatments can be tacked on to your service and be a huge benefit.  A moisture mask is something that does wonders for your hair in about 15 extra minutes.  These moisture masks allows the hair to absorb some of the nutrients it’s been lacking to revive those locks.  There are some great take home options as well that can be done on a weekly basis to ensure your treatment last.

Another great product on the market is a game changer called Olapex.  Olaplex is a three-step bonding system.  The concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing and repairing hair.  The second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds and leave you with the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.  The last and final retail step provides our guests with continuous ongoing damage repair at home.  So what does this all mean?  This product is amazing with REAL results.  It is actually going in there and repairing the hair.

As summertime wraps up take some time for yourself and get your healthy hair back.  We’ve been hard on our hair and now it needs pampering.