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Brazilian Blowout Summer Ready

As the weather changes often times our hair does too. Warmer weather equals frizz and let’s be honest who has time to straighten their hair everyday. What is the solution you ask, a product you may have heard about, Brazilian Blowout.

What is a Brazilian Blowout ?

A Brazilian Blowout is a salon treatment that can work for just about every hair type and texture.  It’s a life saver during the summer months when the weather is working against us.

A Brazilian Blowout creates a protective protein layer around each hair strand to help fight frizz resulting in smooth, sleek and frizz-free hair. These treatments are completely customizable to keep curl and lose the frizz or achieve the smoothest look possible.

Is a Brazilian Blowout Right for Me?

If you have dry, damaged, brittle or frizzy hair a Brazilian Blowout is right for you!  With proper communication with your stylist anyone can benefit from this treatment.  There is no down time with the blowout. Unlike many other smoothing treatments on the market, you can wash your hair, exercise, and put hair in a ponytail directly after service without worry. Another great thing about the blowout is there will be no line of demarcation with the new hair growth.

This salon treatment can last up to 10-12 weeks if you use the right hair care products and avoid sulfates.  Our guests at Split Ends have said this service cuts there styling time in half.