Hair coloring

Importance of a toner

This might just be the most overlooked part of the color process. There are many reasons a toner is a crucial addition to your color service.

First off, a toner is an actual service not a specific product.  When asking for shades such as platinum, silver, rose gold, and ashy blonde for example these are not what your hair would lift to naturally.  As you pre-lighten the hair you are removing color from the hair. The color that your hair lightens to may be orange or yellow to name a few.  This is natural for the hair to lighten to these shades.  We as color specialists, know what kind of toner to use to neutralize the underlying pigment in your hair.

If you are asking your stylist for platinum blonde hair, we will not lighten the hair to the point of platinum. This puts the condition of your hair in the worst shape it could be in.  The cuticle would be so damaged from lightening the hair past a healthy point. The best way is for the stylist to do a thorough consultation and determine where they feel it is safest to lift your hair .  After lightening the hair to the desired level we then determine which toner to apply.

Another misconception is that toners are just for blondes.  There are many beautiful shades created with the use of a toner.  A brunette wants to add pops of copper to her hair, we pre-lighten the hair to a desired level and apply the copper toner to the lightened pieces.  A great way to add shine to the hair is with a toner as well.

Naturally a toner will fade out of the guests hair.  Some factors that help the toner to last longer are the products used in your hair.  There are shampoo and conditioners designed to help maintain the longevity of the looks created in the salon.  Most of these shampoos will have a purple or blue pigment in them.  How often you shampoo and condition your hair will also factor in how long the toner will last.  You may just need to visit the salon to have your hair toned instead of the entire process.  Always be sure to consult with the stylist and find out the best options for your hair.





Hair coloring

Warming up those locks

As we kissed our last flip-flops and summer dresses goodbye, did we forget about our summer blonde hair. Many of us tend to go lighter in the summer and darker or warmer in the fall and winter. Some of you may be thinking how much you love your blonde hair. There are many options to change things up that may get you excited to try!

Dark hair don’t care

If your feeling bold and want to jump right in changing your blonde locks to that bold brown, copper, or red hair might do the trick. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be that perfect shade of ginger.  Diving right in can be exciting and new.  Thinking about your winter wardrobe and the shades your drawn to may help decide which color palettes are best. Your stylist can also look at your skin tones and see if a cooler shade or warmer shade will make your eyes and skin pop.


Dimensional color

There are many pictures out there labeled things such as carmel mocha latte. If you think of all the inviting colors of a latte, this can be transformed to your hair.  Color doesn’t have to be flat. You can add darker tones along with lighter tones to give you a multi-dimensional look.  This look is less drastic and could be a great transition from summer blonde to warmed up winter.

Shadowed roots

If you’re looking to mostly keep your gorgeous blonde hair that you’ve worked so hard to achieve this might just be what you’re looking for. A shadowed root is generally around the guest natural hair level and it allows you a more gradual grow out.  This is a way to add depth to the hair without the commitment of constant root touch ups.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on hair options to keep things fresh.  Hair is a wonderful canvas to create something beautiful.

Hair coloring

Balayage Vs Traditional Highlights

What in the world is all this talk about balayage highlights?  We’ve been seeing words on social media platforms like ombre, sombre, and baby lights.  This can get confusing and often times misunderstood. So what exactly is it and why do we love it so much? How do I know if this is for me? Let’s clear some things up.

Balayage has been around for quite some time now but it’s one of the most requested services in the salon today. Balayage is a french word meaning “to sweep”.  Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the color is painted on to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. If you can imagine what your hair looks like in the natural sun, lighter around the face and softer and lighter towards the ends. Most time the guest can keep their natural hair color and add soft balayage highlights for a much easier grow out.  Your stylist may use a variety of techniques to create the look you are going for. Your hair may be teased at the roots which allows a softer blend. Initially you may spend a more up front for this service, as it is an advanced technique, however you won’t need to be returning to the salon as often. Celebrities across the board are having this technique done from Jessica Biel to Blake Lively.   

A traditional foil highlight is done roots to ends. The look can be a more bold effect or piecier look. A traditional foil is a more pattern-based result. Another reason some people choose to stick with a traditional foil is you often times may be able to achieve a lighter shade.  Another reason a guest may choose this method is if you’re looking for more contrast with both high and lowlights.

Hopefully this gave you some insight into the world of balayage and traditional foil highlights.  If you’re unsure you can always schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained hair stylists.

Foil Highlights
Balayage Hilights