Hair coloring

Warming up those locks

As we kissed our last flip-flops and summer dresses goodbye, did we forget about our summer blonde hair. Many of us tend to go lighter in the summer and darker or warmer in the fall and winter. Some of you may be thinking how much you love your blonde hair. There are many options to change things up that may get you excited to try!

Dark hair don’t care

If your feeling bold and want to jump right in changing your blonde locks to that bold brown, copper, or red hair might do the trick. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be that perfect shade of ginger.  Diving right in can be exciting and new.  Thinking about your winter wardrobe and the shades your drawn to may help decide which color palettes are best. Your stylist can also look at your skin tones and see if a cooler shade or warmer shade will make your eyes and skin pop.


Dimensional color

There are many pictures out there labeled things such as carmel mocha latte. If you think of all the inviting colors of a latte, this can be transformed to your hair.  Color doesn’t have to be flat. You can add darker tones along with lighter tones to give you a multi-dimensional look.  This look is less drastic and could be a great transition from summer blonde to warmed up winter.

Shadowed roots

If you’re looking to mostly keep your gorgeous blonde hair that you’ve worked so hard to achieve this might just be what you’re looking for. A shadowed root is generally around the guest natural hair level and it allows you a more gradual grow out.  This is a way to add depth to the hair without the commitment of constant root touch ups.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on hair options to keep things fresh.  Hair is a wonderful canvas to create something beautiful.